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International Conference

Innovation and Creativity in Science and Culture

Following a first international symposium organised at the University of Isfahan in May 2016, devoted to the circulation of knowledge between France, the Germanic countries and Iran, the Strasbourg Conference will focus on the issue of creative innovation and the role of intercultural contacts between Iran and these European areas, France and Germany, which have enjoyed a privileged relationship with it since the first exchanges due to travelers from the seventeenth century on.

The conference is designed to be interdisciplinary, it involves the fields of literature and humanities, as well as natural sciences, economics or law.

An attempt will be made to identify the various approaches to the notion of «innovation», which could well lead to divergent interpretations depending on the historical and cultural contexts. There will also be case studies, in order to assess the importance of cultural transfers (from Iran to France and Germany and vice versa) in the development of knowledge. These reflections will be carried by theorizations of anti-Eurocentrism, as discussed in particular in the work of Arun Bala, The Dialogue of Civilizations in the Birth of Modern Science, New York 2006.

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